A path into the sinister and unknown


In a little town...

With a mysterious past, a girl desperately searches for her missing pet...

Every step that brings her closer to finding her lost feline also leads her to discover dark secrets. that will trap her in ever greater danger.


The longest night

On a stormy night, Carla has a strange dream that worries her. To the worry of the dream is added the disappearance of Canuto, his cat.

 In some way he can't explain, he feels the two are connected...



Veilchental is a remote and boring little town. Its inhabitants are simple and live a quiet life. As every year, the day of the inauguration of the town is celebrated and all the residents attend the party.

What seemed to be another normal year with his usual party gradually turns into a nightmare, revealing a dark secret buried for many years...



Andres Irribarra

Andres Irribarra

3d Environment Designer


Leonardo De Filippis

Ilustrador y animador 2D


Guido Skerianz

Diseño e implementación de Sonido y Compositor Musical

Gustavo Hernandez

Gustavo Hernandez

3d Environment Designer

Tomas Miranda

Tomas Miranda

Design of Sound and Musical Composer


Ivan Pagano

Team Leader

Programador, Game Design y Guionista

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